Higo Katana
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Higo Katana

A rather short katana with a wide blade and a double hi,  especially designed  for cutting exercises. 

  • T10 steel
  • double hi
  • Sendan/inro Saya 
  • higho fittings & mokko tsuba
  • ideal for tameshigiri
My personal opinion top

Higo Katana with double hi


In our attempt to make a few 'light' models to satisfy to iaidi practitioner we forgot that there are still people who like to perform tameshigiri in their dojo (or at home) . While the lighter models will do their job and cut single and or multiple targets easily, they were not made for frequently cutting exercises and or harder targets.

 So we had to come up with yet another model that would fit in this picture. The Higo was born.

This katana feature a T10 steel blade that is wider than the other models at moto - and sakihaba. In order to make it not too heavy yet still strong enough to do it's job , a fine double hi (Futatsu) was carved into the blade which brought the weight of the sword just above 1 Kg.

The blade itself is differentially hardened and the hamon is quite visible and attractive.

Fittings were kept very sober (higo style) with a plain moko shaped tsuba and a rather unusual Sendan/inro Saya was chosen to make it complete. 







Katana Specifications top
  • Steel : T10

  • Polish : mirror

  • Hamon : 
  • Hi : double

  • Blade (tsuba to tip) : 71 cm 

  • Tsuka : 28 cm

  • Weight :  1065 gram

  • Point of balance :  15 cm
  • Sori : 22 mm

  • Motohaba : 34 mm
  • Sakihaba : 25 mm

  • Kissaki : 7 cm

  • Motokasana : 7 mm

  • Sakikasana : 5 mm

  • Ito : black cotton
  • Saya : black gloss - Sendan/inro
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