Black Wave Katana
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Black Wave Katana

This Black Wave Katana

  • T10 steel
  • Blade without hi
  • wave theme
  • great cutter
  • black cotton ito
My personal opinion top


Most of the models that we are making at the ZhuiFeng forge are having a blade with hi. You can't really blame us because blades with hi are in higher demand after all and we all need to make a living right :) ?

But in order to satisfy the folks who are looking for an affordable sword & blade without hi we've created this black wave katana. A very solid & well constructed katana than can take some good (heavy) cutting exercises.  

It features a T10 steel blade with a regular wave hamon and some nice blackened wave themed fittings. Black cotton ito that is wrapped very tight and also the tsuka core is pretty solid. So in terms of safety while practicing , there's no need to worry about that...

In case this is not your cup of tea , we still have the Seashell Katana and the Wild Flowers Katana who does feature a "bo-hi less blade" or if you are looking for a real good cutter, you might consider the higo katana. Although the later does have 2 small hi, you will cut heavy targets as going through butter :)


Katana Specifications top
  • Steel : T10

  • Polish : mirror

  • Hamon : wave
  • Hi : no

  • Blade (tsuba to tip) : cm

  • Tsuka : cm

  • Weight :

  • Point of balance :
  • Sori : mm

  • Motohaba : mm
  • Sakihaba : mm

  • Kissaki : cm

  • Motokasana : mm

  • Sakikasana : mm

  • Ito : black cotton
  • Saya : black gloss 
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